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7 Tips to Prepare Yourself For a Silent Meditation Retreat

Maybe you’ve read up on all the fantastic benefits that come from attending a mindfulness retreat. And, maybe, you’re looking to take your calmness one step further and commit to a silent retreat.

It can be a life-changing experience with the right approach. Let’s get to our top tips for preparing!

1. Be Realistic

You need to know yourself. If you’ve never been able to meditate for more than five minutes, it may not be the time to jump headfirst into a weekend silent retreat.

Work yourself up to meditating by practicing for longer periods of time each day. You want to have the basics down to work your way up to an intensive workshop.

2. Take Care of the Life Details

Make sure to have a plan-of-attack for all the organizational details that need to be taken care of while you’re away.

This includes figuring out the bills, making sure the cat is fed, and having a babysitting plan for the kids. If you don’t settle these out, you may feel stressed on your retreat.

3. Know What to Bring

Most organizations will provide a list of what you should or should not bring. Read up beforehand so you know how to pack efficiently and effectively.

And, avoid overpacking! It’s not about having every single item you’ve ever owned in one suitcase. Bring what you need and leave the rest.

4. Bring Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

This one goes without saying, but you need to be comfortable during your silent retreat!

Otherwise, you’ll risk feeling stiff or unpleasant during your stay, and that’s going to be quite the frustrating distraction.

Bring clothes you enjoy, and remember to pack layers!

5. Remember to Stretch

During your retreat, you’ll likely be sitting or posing in certain stances for long periods of time. This may put quite a toll on your body.

Make it a special point to integrate gentle stretching (even if you’re not flexible) into your schedule. You’ll feel more relaxed and loose, and it’s good for you both physically and emotionally!

6. Be Kind to Yourself

During your retreat experience, you may experience some difficult emotions or memories. Old traumas may resurface, and it can feel highly uncomfortable. It may feel easy to beat yourself up or become overly critical.

Be careful with this! Your body and soul need the most love and compassion you have available right now. Practice being your own best friend- that’s what connecting with yourself is all about!

7. Release the Expectations

Some people enter these retreats with rigid beliefs or expectations about what they think should or will happen. While expectations, by nature, are normal, they can be limiting and even be damaging.

Instead, practice being with the moment, even if it’s challenging. Enjoy the silence and the experience, for whatever it can offer you. No matter what, you will grow through this adventure.

Final Thoughts on Preparing for Your Silent Retreat

Ready for a beautiful day of silence and connection with the universe? Check out our upcoming event and join us for your life-changing experience!