Wrench and bolt (b&w)
Skillful Meanz promotes real world, real time tools for supporting physical and mental health in a stressful world. There is nothing fancy, complicated, or difficult in anything that we do. In all of its services, Skillful Meanz uses the mind-body connection to positively effect our experience. Skillful Meanz’s tag line kind of says it all: “It’s like WD-40 for life.”

About the name Skillful Meanz:
The correct spelling of this term is “Skillful Means” and it comes from a direction on how to teach meditation.

You know those really big, bright red Snap-On tool chests? The ones that are about five feet tall and have a million drawers and compartments for every conceivable hand tool?
The phrase “skillful means” conjures this image for me. It’s about cultivating the tools we need to effectively meet life’s demands in ways that bring ease and well-being.

“Skillful means” points to the idea that every person who wants to learn how to relieve some of the pressure points in their lives- stresses at work, at home, with our health or the health of people we love- needs to be given information in a way that is understandable and accessible to them, and that this may vary from person to person. Each of us may require instruction or guidance that is specific to our circumstances or to the conditions we find ourselves in. It’s kind of like saying “there’s a tool for every job,” or, less prosaically, “there’s a wrench for every nut.”
The beauty of skillful means is its flexibility and creativity. There is nothing dogmatic or stuffy about it; it is inherently practical. Really- what use is any practice if it doesn’t make us happier, healthier, and more capable of responding to the world we live and work in?

We all need tools – good ones – to help make this happen. The simpler and stronger, the better – like a full set of open end wrenches with the patina of age on them. Every time I practice, regardless of how it goes or how I feel, I cultivate the tools to figure out how to be effective, how to live in this world in a good way, without struggle and with an open heart. There is no area of my life that does not benefit from that.