reiki energy healer

Healing Energy: How a Reiki Energy Healer Can Help Restore Your Health

Health is an integrated, connected state. Emotions, life experiences, and physical pain all can affect the status of our health. When one aspect of health is affected such as our mental health, it’s likely that physical and emotional symptoms will…Read More »

hatha-dharma training

A Comprehensive Guide to the Hatha-Dharma Training Program

Does life have you so stressed out that you’re finding it hard to focus? Do you wish that you could lead a calmer, happier lifestyle? If so, Hatha-Dharma training might be right for you. Read on to learn about this…Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide to Reiki Healing

Have you ever wondered what Reiki is? Between 65 and 80% of healthcare around the world is described as “alternative medicine” by the World Health Organization. Reiki is one of these alternative therapies. In simple terms, more people use alternative…Read More »

meditative state

Debunking the Most Common Misconceptions About Reaching a Meditative State

The meditative state is one of the best ways to control anxiety, depression, and really just to stay focused during the day. There are a lot of misconceptions about meditation however and understanding them is the key to really gauging…Read More »

meditation for anxiety

Meditation For Anxiety: How Does It Help?

Many people aren’t aware that meditation for anxiety is a low-impact and simple exercise that can help fight back their worries. Anxiety is crippling, and it affects millions and millions of people around the world every single day. According to…Read More »

practice meditation

How to Start Practicing Meditation Daily Before Your Retreat

If you’re heading to a meditation retreat, you will want to be fully prepared for it so you can truly reap the best benefits you can from the experience. So it’s a good idea to practice meditation ahead of your…Read More »

meditation for focus

Meditation for Focus: How to Vastly Improve Your Concentration

We are always trying to better ourselves. We want to be more productive, more successful, healthier, happier. It’s difficult, and it may feel like we are always falling short of our goals. The key to reinvention is to try, try…Read More »

brain regions

Does Meditation Change and Affect the Brain

Meditation is a practice that fulfills many purposes. Some use it for spiritual enlightenment, others for self-discovery, and still other to treat anxiety or depression. Science actually supports the effectiveness of meditation. Research has shown that meditation can, over time,…Read More »

guided meditation for relaxation

The Benefits of Guided Meditation For Relaxation

American’s are no strangers to stress. Juggling a successful career and family is the pinnacle of success, and while a majority would say they have a handle on it, 80 percent have reported an increase in stressful symptoms since 2016….Read More »

meditation for sleep

4 Benefits of Meditation for Sleep

Information from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke indicates that close to 40 million people suffer from long-term sleep disorders each year. Even if your sleep issues aren’t chronic, there is nothing more frustrating than lying in bed…Read More »