How to Start Practicing Meditation Daily Before Your Retreat

If you’re heading to a meditation retreat, you will want to be fully prepared for it so you can truly reap the best benefits you can from the experience.

So it’s a good idea to practice meditation ahead of your retreat to become accustomed to the routine, discipline and mental state that it provides.

Get practicing daily and you’ll leave your retreat feeling fully rejuvenated. Here are some tips on how to start…

Create a Meditation Space

One of the most productive ways to kick-start a meditation routine at home is to set up a specific space in which you can relax and feel at ease.

Find the perfect area of your living space in which you can do this. This should be somewhere you’ll not be interrupted and you can fully switch off and focus on your meditative state.

Wherever this is in your home – your living room, your bedroom, outside in the garden – make it tranquil and safe. Place items that soothe you around the space. Candles, cushions, plants, books you refer to during meditation.

Work out how to immediately be comfortable and at ease there. Fix the lighting so that it’s a ready-made area in your home in which you can truly relax.

When is the Best Time for you to Meditate?

Get yourself into a routine by pinpointing when the best time is to meditate. Does it suit you in the morning, the middle of the day or at dusk? Perhaps you prefer to meditate at nighttime, in the dark, by candlelight?

Once you figure this out, it will be easier to slot this daily action into your every-day regime. And it will become a natural element of your day.

By doing this, in your safe space, you will gradually sink into the daily practice of meditating.

Starting Small

As you sink into a routine, try it in smaller bursts. Much like exercising regularly, it doesn’t help you to throw yourself feet first in and do too much too soon.

Take 10-minute bursts of meditation at first, knowing that you’ll be switching off for a short moment, and knowing nothing can get in the way of your meditating session.

Just easing yourself into this habitual routine means you’ll become far more accustomed to a daily session. As a result, you can extend this slowly but surely as you become more and more used to your own routine.

Keep a Meditation Log

Keep a journal and chart your progress as you start getting into your routine.

Physically write this in a notebook, or keep a log on your tablet or phone: whatever you prefer when it comes to keeping organized.

By doing this, you’ll physically see the progression of your practice and your daily routine taking shape on the page or the screen.

Final Thoughts on how to Practice Meditation

By taking on these methods you can learn how to practice meditation and feel confident about the retreat you’re planning to visit.

Daily meditation is key, to achieve a true state of zen and is proven to help with success. So get ahead of the curve and hone your clear-mindedness now.

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