Meditation for Focus: How to Vastly Improve Your Concentration

We are always trying to better ourselves. We want to be more productive, more successful, healthier, happier. It’s difficult, and it may feel like we are always falling short of our goals.

The key to reinvention is to try, try again and to try new things. No reason doing the same thing over again if you’re not getting the results you seek.

We do not always have the time to set aside for a comfortable meditation session. This is especially true when the need for calm is immediate. When stress, or anxiety, show up unannounced, we need something in our back pocket to help right away.

Luckily that something is a close as your lungs. Simple breathing can work wonders with easing anxiety if we do it consciously.

The next time you lose concentration, try the following simple meditation for focus steps.

Compose Your Posture

No slouching, no leaning. Stand up solidly on both feet, or sit up straight.

Take a Deep Breath

Feel the air go in all the way down to your pelvis. Let the breath out slow while intentionally releasing tension in your neck and shoulders. Feel your shoulders drop.

Close your eyes and be in the present moment.

Take Five More Long, Deep, Slow Breaths

Count the breaths as you feel the cycle of each breath. Inhale down to your pelvis, exhale all the way to your nose.

With each exhale, feel more tension releasing from your body.

Slowly Open Your Eyes with a Smile

After five intentional breaths, you will find your feelings of anxiety greatly reduced. From that relaxed place, step back into your day.

How Mediation Helps Your Concentration

If you’re looking to better your life, here are ways meditation for focus can work to your advantage.

Improves Health

Meditation has as many physical benefits as it does mental benefits. Studies have shown that when meditating physical changes are occurring.

In a state of relaxation and mindfulness bodily functions improve, for instance, meditation lowers blood pressure, improves aches and pains, and boosts the immune system.

Improves Brain Functioning

If you are seeking to be more productive, then meditation is a great tool to help with that. Meditation improves brain functioning and enhances your attention span.

Meditation can also help with creative thinking and problem solving as meditation clears up your mind and allows for clearer, reflective thinking.

Improves Metabolism

Meditation is also great if you want to lose weight. Another physical benefit of meditation is that it improves your metabolism.

This in part has to do with the state of relaxation your body goes under in meditation, which helps relieves stress–a known cause of weight gain.

Improves Energy Levels

It’s difficult to achieve goals when you’re unmotivated. Fortunately, a combined mental and physical benefit of meditation is the boost in energy.

The energy comes from improved health, having an easier time falling and staying asleep, relaxed physical and mental stress, and an inner calmness. Think about all you can accomplish when you’re motivated and energetic.

Improves Moods

Mediation is notable for reducing stress. However, meditation is not just a practice of relaxation, but also a practice of mindfulness and self-reflection. Meditation can improve self-esteem, decrease anxiety, and an overall increase in happiness.

Use Meditation For Focus

Sometimes it’s all too much. We all have those moments where things just feel overwhelming.

Meditation is a powerful antidote to life’s challenges. The one thing we don’t want to do is introduce too much stress into our meditations. Keep things simple and reap the sweet rewards.

Meditation can help alleviate these feelings, and with a regular practice can help increase your level of concentration. Reach out to us for more meditation for focus tips.