1 Skillful Meanz: Mindfulness Training & Meditation Classes

Skillful Meanz is like WD-40 for life.

The mission of Skillful Meanz is to enable people to access their innate capacity to relieve stress, promote health, and to develop calm, focused attention. The ultimate purpose of Skillful Meanz is to create ease and well being in the lives of all people in all areas of their lives- to enhance health in the body, productivity in the workplace, and peace at home.

Oh-and to have fun. You gotta have fun.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a very powerful intervention for stress and stress related health problems. It is also a tool that can be used to sharpen our ability to focus, to think more clearly and effectively, which allows us to perform better in our workplace. What makes Mindfulness unique is its capacity to use the mind/body connection to enable the practitioner to re-discover their own ability to regulate their nervous system, allowing them to live with more ease and respond more effectively to the challenges in their lives.

How can mindfulness help?

Mindfulness gets us in the habit of paying attention in a non-judgmental manner to exactly what is happening in any given moment. It’s like building a mental muscle that helps us to direct our attention where we want it to be, where it will do us the most good and be the most effective. Our minds and our hearts shift from being crisis oriented to being clearer and calmer. Even the neuroscientists are now confirming the mental and physical health benefits of the practice.

How can I practice mindfulness?

Wouldn’t you like a little more room to maneuver, mentally and emotionally? A little more space, to breathe and to choose calmly how you want to respond to people, places, and things at work and at home? This is what Mindfulness does for us. It is inherently practical and does not involve doing anything weirder than sitting still.